We monitor SEC filings 24/7 for Director & C-suite changes and email a summary on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Paid subscribers receive all the changes ($10 monthly or $100 yearly). Free subscriber receive a partial report. Daily pre-opening bell reports are available, call for pricing.

Each Issue has three sections: Director & CEO Moves (all Ops executive); CFO Moves (all financial executives) & General Counsel Moves.

We count Women vs Men joining Boards. Our counter starts at zero on April 1. Example: 10 women join and 3 resign = +7. We breakout by: Market Caps of $5 billion plus and All Boards… this includes M&A. IPO’s are listed separately.

In this Issue: Highlights alumni of all the major accounting, consulting and law firms. I.e. PwC: BM, COB, CEO, COO, CFO-2, CAO-2

Abbreviations: COB - Chairman of the Board, BM - Board Member, CAO - Chief Accounting Officer, GC - General Counsel, CHRO - Chief Human Resource Officer

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