DirectorMoves - Boeing Comp

Boeing (NYSE: BA) $185.b David Calhoun CEO BM- $$$$ Base $1.4 million; Bonus 180% of base; LTI- target value 500% base plus LTI value $7 million subject to full safe return to service of the 737 MAX; Equity RSU value $10 million 3-year vesting

Dennis Muilenburg x- CEO BM $$$$ No severance, separation or incentive payments & forfeited 11,266 RSUs, 10,398 performance-based RSU & 72,746 performance awards.  Mr. Muilenburg is entitled to contractual, pre-existing retirement benefits for 30-years of service.  Eligible for 25,034 RSU, 23,384 performance-based RSUs, 130,780 performance awards estimated value $14.6 million, $29.4 million, $4.3 million plus distributions of pension & nonqualified deferred compensation benefits earned during his tenure with the company $28.5 million.  Also, holds options to purchase 72,969 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $75.97 / Lawrence Kellner $$$$ as NonExCOB $250,000

Kevin McAllister x- EVP CEO Boeing Commercial Airplanes… forfeited equity awards of approximately $52.9 million.  He received a lump sum cash payment of $14.75 million was designed to approximate the value of a pension benefit that Mr. McAllister forfeited when he left a former employer.