DirectorMoves ~ Kevin Hourican

SYSCO Corp (NYSE: SYY) $42.1b Kevin Hourican named CEO joins Board succeeds Thomas Bene resigns from Board x- CVS Health President CVS Pharmacy x- Macy’s SVP / Edward Shirley promoted to ExCOB / Bradley Halverson promoted to LD

$$$$ Base $1,300,000; Bonus cash up to 150% of base; Equity annual award value $8,500,000 / 40% stock options 3-year vesting / 60% PSU 2-year vesting; Make-whole cash $1,450,000 plus; Sign-on cash bonus equal to $2,000,000 for forfeiture of equity awards; Make-whole equity value $12,800,000 comprised of 33% non-statutory stock options 3-year vesting / 33% time-based restricted stock units 12 & 18-month vesting / 33% PSUs 2-year vesting