DXC Technology ~ Michael Salvino

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) $8.51b Michael Salvino $$$$ named CEO continues on Board x- Carrick Capital Partners x- Accenture Ops Grp CEO succeeds J Michael Lawrie to retires as COB

$$$$ Base salary $1,250,000; Bonus up to 400% of base; Equity value to 800% of base; RSU, PSU awards fiscal 2020 value equal to $5,000,000; Pro-rata annual bonus fiscal 2020; Inducement equity grant RSUs value $4,350,000; Sign-on $2,000,000; In lieu of lifetime coverage group medical plan, DXC will pay Mr. Salvino a cash lump sum equal to $1,000,000 upon any termination of his employment with DXC, payable on or within thirty (30) days following his termination date; Use of NetJets; $25,000 annually tax preparation & financial planning